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Year 4 - Autumn


Recognising place value in 4-digit numbers, using mental addition and subtraction to solve one and two step word problems, addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers using the formal written method, multiplication and division facts for the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.  Multiplication using the expanded written method for TO x O. Geometry including symmetry of 2D shapes and reflection. Using coordinates to translate shapes on a grid. Recognising equivalent fractions, comparing and rounding decimals to one decimal place, estimating and comparing mass using decimals, converting time between analogue and digital.


Spellings. Comprehension, grammar e.g. punctuation, use of nouns/adjectives/similes; verbs/adverbs, homophones, Writing focus-features of instructional writing, stories that raise issues(It’s too frightening for me, Journey to Jo’burg, stories from other cultures (Anancy stories, Floella in Trinidad), poetry, features of persuasive writing, persuasive debates, reading and writing play scripts (focus on the nativity).


Electricity and Sound.

Design and Technology

Roman pottery.


Invaders and Settlers - The Romans.


Local area geography – Enfield.


Internet safety

Programming: introduction to variables, repetition and loops.


Self-portraits and Roman coins.


Listening to music of a variety of styles e.g. the flight of the bumblebee.  Singing rounds.  Learning to read music and continuing to play the recorder.

PE & Games

Gymnastics-balance, Aerobic gymnastics, Invasion skills.


Greetings and introductions, classroom language, numbers and age, colours, modes of transport vocabulary, grammar focus on the verb 'to go', article and gender agreement, cultural information about typical souvenirs from Spanish speaking countries.


The Bible.

Trust in God.

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