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Year 4 - Autumn


Place value – comparing and ordering 4-digit numbers

Addition and subtraction - using mental addition and subtraction to solve one and two step word problems, addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers using the formal written method.

Multiplication and division – learning facts for the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.  Using the expanded written method for TO x O.

Geometry - symmetry of 2D shapes and reflection. Using coordinates to translate shapes on a grid.

Fractions and decimals - recognising equivalent fractions, comparing and rounding decimals to one decimal place, estimating and comparing mass using decimals.

Time - converting time between analogue and digital.


Weekly spellings. Comprehension activities.

Grammar focus - punctuation, use of nouns/adjectives/similes, verbs and adverbs, homophones, prepositions, pronouns, direct speech.

Fiction – stories in familiar settings, descriptive writing. Stories that raise issues.

Non-fiction - features of instructional writing, imperative verbs.

Play scripts – role-play, reading and writing own play scripts.

Poetry – identifying features and patterns, focus on language and form. Writing own poems.


Electricity and Sound

What types of materials conduct electricity?

How does a circuit work?

What does a switch do?

How are sounds made? How do sounds travel?

Design and Technology

Roman pottery.

Design a Roman dish using repeated patterns and Roman images.


Invaders and Settlers - The Romans Empire

Why did the Romans invade Britain?

British resistance to the invasion attempts.

Roman soldiers, what they wore, how they fought.

Roman roads, Roman society in Britain.


Local area geography – Enfield.

using maps to identify  streets, key parts of town

Use map to plan a visit around the local area.

Grid references, eight point compass work

Use symbols and keys in Digi maps- related to ordinance survey


Internet safety

Programming: introduction to variables, repetition and loops.


Self-portraits (Historical) – analysing features, shading techniques

Design and make a Roman coin using a profile portrait sketch.


Listening to music of a variety of styles e.g. the flight of the bumblebee.  Singing rounds.  Learning to read music and continuing to play the recorder.

PE & Games

Gymnastics – balancing. Travel - paired sequences using mats, stools, benches. Creating a sequence on the apparatus.

Refining/improving sequences


Modes of transport vocabulary, grammar focus on the verb 'to go', article and gender agreement.


The Bible – What is the Bible? Abraham – the challenges and blessings he experienced, God’s plan for Joseph. Moses and life in Egypt, King David – his trust in God.

Trust in God – The importance of trust, God’s promise to Zechariah,

What can we learn from Mary and Joseph and their trust in God, The mystery of the Trinity and the Incarnation.

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