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Year 2 - Autumn


Number and Place Value (numbers up to 50).

Addition and subtraction: recall and use addition facts to 20 using number lines and the term “difference”, recognise and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction for numbers up to 20.

Geometry- properties of shape ( 2D shape).

Measurement (Length and Height).

Multiplication and Division (using numbers up to 20).

Geometry- Position and Direction (North, South, East, West, quarter turn, half turn, anti- clockwise, clockwise).

 Fractions of shapes and amounts of objects (halves, quarters and thirds).

 Measurement – Time (quarter past and quarter to).


Cursive Handwriting - upper and lower case, joined up writing after half term.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - phonic blends, capital letters and full stops, question marks, apostrophes, adjectives, questions and commands, present tense and past tense, noun phrases.

Writing: writing narratives about personal experiences/real events, writing for different purposes: poetry and instruction writing, Performance Poetry


Growing up : The different stages of human life

Taking care:  Nutrition and hygiene.

Design and Technology

Christmas Crafts. Sewing. Christmas cooking.


Weather. United Kingdom, countries, capital cities and Europe. Map skills. Famous Events and Significant Individuals: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, Remembrance Sunday etc.


E – Safety

We are Photographers: Taking, uploading and editing photographs for an information leaflet.

Espresso Coding


Looking at the work of artist William Morris. Printings and rubbings of different surfaces and natural objects. Creating patterns. Painting – mixing colours. Christmas and Topic Art.


Singing: action songs. Rhythm work.  Developing an understanding of different styles of music. Learning to play the recorder.  Preparation for Christmas.

P.E. & Games

Throwing and catching.  Running and dodging. Ball skills. Responding to different music through dance.

R.E. Topic

Chosen People.


Spanish Greetings and introductions, classroom language, numbers and age, colours, cultural information about Spain including Christmas. ​

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