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Year 2 - Autumn


Number and Place Value (numbers up to 50).

Addition and subtraction: recall and use addition facts to 20 using number lines and the term “difference”, recognise and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction for numbers up to 20.

Geometry- properties of shape ( 2D shape).

Measurement (Length and Height).

Multiplication and Division (using numbers up to 20).

Geometry- Position and Direction (North, South, East, West, quarter turn, half turn, anti- clockwise, clockwise).

 Fractions of shapes and amounts of objects (halves, quarters and thirds).

 Measurement – Time (quarter past and quarter to).


Cursive Handwriting - upper and lower case, joined up writing after half term.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - phonic blends, capital letters and full stops, question marks, apostrophes, adjectives, questions and commands, present tense and past tense, noun phrases.

Writing-. Writing narratives about personal experiences/ real events Writing for different purposes: poetry and instruction writing, Performance Poetry


Growing up : The different stages of human life

Taking care:  Nutrition and hygiene.

Design and Technology

Christmas Crafts. Sewing. Christmas cooking.


Weather. United Kingdom, countries, capital cities and Europe. Map skills. Famous Events and Significant Individuals: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, Remembrance Sunday etc.


E – Safety

We are Photographers: Taking, uploading and editing photographs for an information leaflet.

Espresso Coding


Looking at the work of artist William Morris. Printings and rubbings of different surfaces and natural objects. Creating patterns. Painting – mixing colours. Christmas and Topic Art.


Singing: action songs. Rhythm work.  Developing an understanding of different styles of music. Learning to play the recorder.  Preparation for Christmas.

P.E. & Games

Throwing and catching.  Running and dodging. Ball skills. Responding to different music through dance.

R.E. Topic

Chosen People.


Spanish Greetings and introductions, classroom language, numbers and age,  colours , the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations and cultural information about Spain including Christmas.​

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