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Year 1 - Autumn


Number and Place Value: Number formations to 20. To count, read and write numbers to 20. Ordering numbers to 20.  Addition and subtraction - Counting to 20 in 1’s, 2’s and 10’s. Word problems.

Geometry: Properties of shapes – 2D shapes names and properties. Position and direction.

Measurement: Length and Height.

Multiplication and division – Counting to 20 in 1’s, 2’s and 10’s.

Measurement: Money

Fractions: Finding half of objects and shapes. Finding half of numbers/ quantities.


Fiction- Stories with familiar settings.  Non- Fiction- Letters of the Alphabet, labels and captions (cross curricular Geography).

Poetry- Rhyming words (learning and reciting).

Recount- News. Comprehension- Making inferences from text (verbal).

Spelling – high frequency words, words containing phonemes that the children have been taught. Punctuation and Grammar – Introducing full stops and capital letters.  Handwriting –correct formation of cursive letters and upper and lower case letters.

Phonics – Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics.

Reading – Ginn Scheme, Oxford Reading Tree and Home reading books.


Ourselves. - labelling a face/body, investigating all the senses, identifying and naming a variety of common animals.

Seasonal changes -Animals.


Geography: Local area (Enfield) labelling things in our class, building and streets around our school. Using locational and directional language. Using and constructing basic symbols in a key.  Human and Physical features.

History: Changes within living memory (Toys old and new). The Royal Family.


We are Painters – Using the paint program to make a picture from a traditional tale.

We are Celebrating – Making an electronic Christmas card.



Self-portrait. Investigating different materials. Learning to draw parts of the face before drawing it as a whole.  Looking at shading techniques.

Design and Technology

Making a 3D Christmas tree decoration.


Singing and action songs: Toys. Rhythm. Composition - graphic scores using fireworks, Christmas etc. Preparation for Christmas.

P.E. & Games

P.E – Dance

P.E - Gym: travelling on different parts of the body. 

Games: Basic skills involved in playing games: throwing, bouncing, catching and running.  Gym: travelling on different parts of the body.

R.E. Topic

God’s Great Plan – Learning about the beautiful things that God created, the creation story, making right and wrong choices, how we can look after our environment and Noah’s Ark

Mary, Mother of God – Mary saying ‘Yes’ to God, Mary and Elizabeth, the Rosary and the birth of Jesus.

Spanish Greetings and introductions , classroom language, numbers and age, cultural information about Spain including Christmas and the celebration ‘The Day of the Dead’

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