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  EYFS (Nursery and Reception)  

Navy jogging bottoms (these can be shorts in summer)

navy sweatshirt

red poloshirt

black Velcro trainers

  Uniform for Years 1 to 6  
  Boy's Uniform — Winter     Boy's Uniform — Summer  

White shirt

Grey trousers

Navy V-neck jumper

Grey socks

Black sensible shoes (no trainers or boots)

Navy and gold tie — Pay using Parentpay, the tie will be delivered to your child's class



Long or short grey trousers

Short-sleeved, white polo shirt

Grey socks

Black sensible shoes 

  Girl's Uniform — Winter   Girl's Uniform — Summer  

White blouse

Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers

Navy V-neck jumper or cardigan

White socks, or grey or navy tights

Flat black sensible shoes (no trainers or boots)

School tie, navy/gold — Pay using Parentpay, the tie will be delivered to your child's class


Blue and white checked dress


Short-sleeved, white polo shirt and grey skirt

White socks

Flat black sensible shoes

  P.E. Uniform  

Plain navy joggers

Plain navy sweatshirt

Plain white round neck t-shirt

Navy shorts or skort

Trainers (well fitting sprorts trainers, not fashion items)

Joggers, sweatshirts and t-shirts must not display logos/branding


The official school uniform can be ordered at Smiths Schoolwear. There have been some subtle changes to the uniform and one rather significant one for September 2023.

From September the school uniform will be exactly the same for years 1 to 6, although they will be resplendent with our new logo.

For nursery and reception, children will be required to wear navy jogging bottoms, a navy sweatshirt and a red polo shirt. This will means that our early years classes (nursery + reception) will have a common uniform and more appropriate to the play based learning that is the foundation of their curriculum. Shoes should be black, Velcro trainers. In summer months, shorts can be worn (same style as joggers).

Although we encourage parents to purchase uniform from our official suppliers, uniform can be purchased from other sources provided that the colours match.

There is no need to purchase uniform with the new logo unnecessarily. Uniform bearing the old logo will be completely acceptable for the next school year as it is in the process of being phased out.



Due to a copyright issue with our logo, a change needed to be made. A working party was formed that consisted of children, and adults representing different aspects of the school community (staff, governors, parents).

The children initially worked with a graphic designer who taught them about the purpose and power of logos. They looked at various well known designs from major companies as well as some logos used by schools. They thought about what was most important to them about our school and produced a wide range of design ideas. They decided that the logo needed to be simpler and easier to remember and recreate.

The adults from the working party joined them and discussed their design ideas, giving appropriate advice and guidance. By a process of elimination from some wonderful ideas, a new deign was decided upon.

The completed design, though simpler, is full of symbolism:

The circle represents God’s eternal love

The cross is at the heart of the design, just as faith is at the heart of our school

The cross is red, symbolising the courage of our patron saint

The light rays represent the children, through their actions, they are the light of the world



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