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Understanding the World

Animals in their different environments - pets, jungle, farm, water, mini beasts
Charcoal drawing - natural things
Animal bodies - Discuss why animals change colour - camoflage
Pastel Drawing - man made things
Visits from fire brigade, police, nurse, dentist etc
ICT using a mouse control

Expressive Arts and Design Marbling
Pebble Pets
Painting animal footprints
Animal collages
Sponge painting - Masks
Clay animals
Class assembly
Music with Mrs Byrne-Whelehan

Recognising numbers to 20
Pattern Making
Shape patterns
One more/one less
Time o'clock/half past
What happens during the school day
Addition (+) Subtration (-)
Counting and labelling groups of objects
Formation of numbers to 20
Ordinal numbers
Real life problem solving - time and money
Number bonds

Doubling and halving

Physical Development

Develop hand eye co-ordination - throwing and catching, sewing

Large apparatus - jumping, climbing, travelling etc
Dance - Traditional tales
Dress/undress independently

Communication, Language and Literacy

Talking - using increasing vocabulary to tell of their experiences
Listening - instructions, stories, nursery rhymes, poems, drama
Reading - Ginn 360
High frequency words
Phonics - sound, name, formation and Jolly Phonics (letters & sounds)
Writing - encourage independent writing, extending independent writing
Use of word bank/word cards and copying from board
Activities/Imaginative play - developing use of language
Rhyming words
Home corner - pet shop/vet/doctors
Choral story telling
Writing about/describing animals in different places e.g jungle, farm
Cursive script with digraphs

Personal and Social Development Sharing and playing together without arguments
Developing self confidence and self respect
Respect for property
Caring for others
Simple circle times
Outing to the park or theatre
Religious Education New Life
The Church
Other Linked Areas St George's Day
Father's Day
Sport's Day

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