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Understanding the World

Using small world toys
Lego and other building blocks
ICT Room visits. Whiteboard activities - all areas
Bee Bot
Planting and growing
Using the outside area
Looking at butterflies caterpillars & frogs
Walk to look at houses and homes

Expressive Arts and Design Pastels - spring pictures
Colour Mixing
Bubble painting/splatter painting
Drawing spring flowers
Music - rhythm, action songs, percussion instruments, string instruments (shakers)
Dance - Lets move
Junk modelling
Construction toys

Days of the week
Patterns - building with and making
Counting to 20
Number stories and rhymes
Recognition of numbers 0-20
Formation of numbers 1-20
Use of numbers to 10 (20) through practical activities
Number operations - addition/subtraction
Ordinal numbers
Language more/less/fewer
Solve simple problems and puzzles

Physical Development

Benches/mats - carrying and using safely
Jumping - correct landing
Following instructions
Fine motor skills - cutting, threading
Throwing and catching
Aiming skills

Communication Language and Literacy Talking - using increasing vocabulary to tell of their experiences
Listening - instructions, stories, poems, non-fiction text.
Reading - progression in Ginn 360
High Frequency words - finding them in big books
Phonics - initial sounds and medial sounds continued - sound formation
Jolly Phonics
Writing - begin independant writing using word wall cards
Activities - develop use of language
Imaginative play
Rhyming words
Role play
Letters and sounds strategy
Phase 2 & 3 Blending/segmenting
Personal, Social, Emotional Development Sharing and playing together without arguements
Develop self confidence and self respect
Respect for property - tidying activities
Dressing and undressing with independence
Religious Education Getting to know Jesus
Sorrow and joy

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