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School Priorities 2019-2020

1. Develop RE and the religious life of the school

RE and the Catholic ethos of the school is central to everything we do and all that we stand for. We believe that, in developing this aspect of the school, we are laying the foundations for an effective teaching and learning climate based on Gospel values and inspired by the example of Jesus Christ. In RE, the data demonstrates that we are a high achieving school, although we are aiming for higher numbers of pupils to attain at the higher levels as well as narrowing the gap between the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Training will be provided for the new ‘Catholic Life of the School’ leader.

2. Develop an effective and manageable strategy for the teaching of reading

A revised reading strategy was implemented in key stage 1 successfully (18.19). We now need a develop this, and a consistent and meaningful approach to the teaching of reading in key stage 2. Reading for pleasure will be promoted as wll as vocabulary catch up and keep up for specific groups of children. 

3. Progress of more able/ those with potential to be more able   

Our results at KS2 were similar to those in 2018, though progress is likely to be reduced. Need to ensure those with potential to be more able are identified early and their progress closely monitored so that they achieve in line with their potential. This is particularly true for writing.

4. Improve the outdoor provision for early years pupils   

The outcomes for our youngest pupils are good, but our outdoor provision needs to be improved and made more stimulating to increase standards further.

5. Middle Leaders and Senior Leadership   

Develop the role of middle leaders: subject leaders for English, maths, science, Computing, RE. Ensure pathway for distributed leadership is clear and systematic, improving effectiveness of school leadership.

6. To establish an effective system to manage mental health issues

Behaviour is excellent, although we are dealing with an increasing number of issues related to mental health. We need to ensure that we are adequately equipped to understand and deal with such issues, building a bank of contacts and resources for support. This was a priority area in 2018.19. Pupil welfare at playtimes through increased opportunities for structured play and engagement will be improved this year.


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