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School Priorities 2018-2019

1. Develop RE and the religious life of the school

RE and the Catholic ethos of the school is central to everything we do and all that we stand for. We believe that, in developing this aspect of the school, we are laying the foundations for an effective teaching and learning climate based on Gospel values and inspired by the example of Jesus Christ. We received a very successful diocesan inspection in June 2018 and will now be focussing on implementing our action plan. In RE, we need to raise the standards of pupil achievement and progress for disadvantaged and the most able pupils in Key Stage 2, review the timetables for delivery of RE in Key Stage 2 to ensure greater consistency and coverage and use ICT more to develop research skills and encourage pupils’ creativity.

2. Develop curriculum planning, provision and assessment throughout the school

We are very proud of the standards across the curriculum in St George’s. We need, however, to ensure that class teachers and subject leaders are fully aware of standards in areas away from the core subjects. Planning in the foundation subjects will therefore be improved and more rigorous assessment introduced.

3. To establish an effective system to manage mental health issues

Behaviour in general is excellent, although we are dealing with an increasing number of issues related to mental health. We need to ensure that we are adequately equipped to understand and deal with such issues, building a bank of contacts and resources for support.

4. To improve outcomes for those children identified as having the potential to be ‘more able’

The outcomes for the learners at St George’s is consistently higher than both national and local averages. Internal data does, however, highlight a group of children who have been previously been assessed as above average (ANE) at Foundation Stage or key stage 1, but who are now achieving in line with national expectations (NE). We need to ensure that pitch and expectations for these children are appropriate and sufficiently challenging to ensure that they remain ANE.

5. Establish a clear system of succession planning throughout all levels of staffing 

Recruitment and retention is an increasing issue for all schools. We need to ensure that pathways for development and promotion are clear and attainable for staff. This will include developing a clear staffing structure and role descriptions at all levels. Training opportunities and the chance to shadow other professionals will be increased.

6. Improve the outdoor provision for early years pupils   

The outcomes for our youngest pupils are good, but our outdoor provision needs to be improved and made more stimulating to increase standards further.

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