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School Council/Prefects

Our School Council

Every class and year group from Year 1 to Year 6 is represented on the School Council.  We meet twice a month on a Friday at lunchtime to discuss ideas and plan ways to improve our school.

Raphael:  "The School Council isn't just about individuals, we work together as a team."

Jamie:  "School Council lets children have a say in what's going on."

Albin:  "We can help the teachers and Headteacher to make the school stronger."

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At St George’s, children in Year 6 represent the most experienced, responsible and trusted children in the school, and this is why they are given the opportunity to become prefects. Prefects stand out from the rest of the school, with red ties and badges that let everyone know how responsible they are. Being a prefect has many benefits:

  • Responsibilities can teach you new skills or improve old ones to make you more prepared for the future.
  • Being a prefect is an excellent way to begin life at secondary school with a good reputation – year six teachers will tell your new teachers how well you’ve done.
  • Prefects can take an early lunch if their responsibility begins at 1pm!
  • Taking on a responsibility is a great way to give something back to the school, saying thank you to St George’s for your many good years.

Prefects are responsible for helping out in different areas of school.

Office Prefects visit the office at lunchtime to help the office staff organise letters that need to go out to children in all classes of the school, and are responsible for ensuring the correct classes receive the correct letters.  

Zone Prefects look after their respective zones, which includes checking with teachers in their classrooms in case they require assistance, keeping the area clean and tidy and reporting any inappropriate behaviour of children to an adult.

Music Prefects help organise the music room and the main hall to prepare for assemblies and mass.

PE Prefects assist in any PE-related tasks.

Dinner Hall Prefects help with trays and cutlery for younger children to ensure the whole lunchtime process runs smoothly.

Merit Prefects are required to record the individual children from each class who receive a special merit in assembly.

Our Prefects:   

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Music Prefects


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