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Religious Education

RE is at the heart of everything we do here at St George’s. It is through Religious Education that we that we lay the foundations for our pupils to grow into respectful, spiritual and moral individuals; supporting them in developing and deepening their relationship with God. The children are encouraged to reflect and ask questions about their faith – with great emphasis on why, as Catholics, we do the things we do. The children have many opportunities to engage with scripture and learn about their religion, as well as learn from their religion, enabling them to relate the knowledge gained in their lessons and apply it to their daily lives. Creativity is vital in allowing the children to express themselves and their beliefs in a more abstract way and this is done through many mediums, such as art, role-play, music etc.

Children engage and take part in daily Acts of Worship in the classroom, where the children have opportunities to plan and lead their own worship, choosing appropriate resources to aid this (ie. candles, pebbles) and their own mission for everyone to work on (ie. say kind words to someone). This ownership of their worship allows the children to further strengthen their beliefs and relationship with God.

As well as building on the children’s knowledge and understanding of their own religion, it is vital that we explore other religions, making comparisons and celebrating their differences, equipping our children for the outside world. We have previously learned about Islam and Judaism and invited representatives from these religions, and we aim to do so for other world faiths in the future.

Mrs V De Campi - Religious Education Subject Leader

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