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Parent Governor April 2022

I am delighted to inform you that we have six parents who have been nominated for the position of parent governor. As there is more than one nominee we will need to hold a ballot.

On this page you will find the personal statement of each of the six candidates. I urge you to read them carefully to help you decide who to vote for. The statements are no longer than 250 words. Your child will have brought home a voting slip, and an envelope for each parent for the return of voting slips. As there is one vacancy, each parent is allowed to make 1 vote and each voting slip must be placed in a separate envelope.

Each eligible parent/carer is entitled to one vote, irrespective of the number of children they have at the school.  On the voting slip, indicate clearly which candidate that you are voting for. If there are two parents, place each voting slip in a separate envelope and seal it. Do not write your name on the envelope or on the voting slip. Ballot papers should be returned in a sealed envelope with only the words ‘Parent Governor Election’ written on the front.

In order for you to cast your vote, a ballot box will be placed in each playground at the beginning and the end of each school day until the deadline of Thursday 26 May 2022 (am). Please do not place ballot papers into the school letter box.

You may alternatively post your completed ballot paper, but please be mindful of the closing date. If you wish to post your vote, please place your envelope into a further envelope addressed to the school, clearly marked ‘parent governor election’.

The count will take place on the morning of Thursday 26 May at 10am. All envelopes will remain sealed and only opened once the counting has started.  I wish our six candidates the best of luck and thank them for their interest in contributing to the life of our school in this way.


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