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New School Uniform - Consultation

I am absolutely delighted that following last week’s newsletter and the extension, there were a total of 255 responses to the uniform consultation. As I stated last week, a decision would be made in light of the consultation, so to have a greater number of responses ensured that our decision was far more representative than it would have been.

The results were:
31% for the proposed change, 58% against the pro-posed change, 11% neither for or against.
Of the disapproving vote, 39% of responses cited the increased cost or supplier as the main reason for their decision.
As we do not in any way wish to inflict any unnecessary additional financial burden on families, we have decided not to proceed with the proposed change and will look again at suppliers and costs. Those who expressed excitement at the proposed change may be a little disappointed, but we feel that the consultation process has been fair and democratic and the outcome correct. We have many important priori-ties in school, so any further propositions of change will be some way in the future, if at all!

 Mr P O'Rourke                                                                                                                                               Headteacher

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