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Parents can sometimes feel a little anxious about supporting their child with maths and they worry that they may show them a different method to the one taught in school or there may be confusion over the terminology used. There are certain formal methods that have to be taught as part of the new curriculum and it is important that your child learns to apply these calculation strategies consistently. Ask your child or their class teacher to show you the method that we are using and then try to reinforce this when you are supporting with homework.

 In this section of the website you will find our calculations policy that explains the methods that we use in school. There are also some helpful guidance videos on the LGFL website (see the link below)

Supporting your child with maths is much more than completing a weekly homework task or worksheet. You can support your child in lots of other ways through counting, playing board games with dice and counters, playing with dominoes and decks of cards, practising times tables, spotting patterns, online maths games, problem solving challenges. Just in the same way that you read with your child at home, try to find a dedicated time for maths (but remember that this doesn’t always mean sitting down and writing out pages of sums!)

The London Grid for Learning (LGFL) have set up a fabulous new resource to support KS2 Maths at Home.  It is designed to provide support for busy parents that wish to help their child with their mathematical development at home. A video has been made for each objective in the Key Stage Two National Curriculum. Each video is a snapshot of how many schools may teach the particular operatiom, and also provides examples of how parents could support their child at home. Where appropriate, video content is reinforced with a selection of downloadable resources.

Maths at home videos are designed to feel like they are taking place on a table at home, encouraging communication, conversation and lots of fun while working on them. The video resources are designed to bring Maths to life, highlighting learning opportunities within cookery, play, decorating and gardening. Most importantly, they are designed to stimulate conversations between children and parents, and to make Maths a positive and enjoyable experience outside of school.

Please note:  This resource refers to the place value term ‘units’, in fact under the new Maths curriculum these should be referred to as ‘ones’.

Thus – Hundred, Tens, Ones, written as  -  H.T.0.  - please keep this in mind when working with your child.

To access the resource: Click on the picture above to link to the website.  Your child will need to use their LGfL USO login (the same username and password they use for Espresso). If your child doesn’t know their login details, please contact their class teacher.

The LGfL are working on a resource for children in KS1, as soon as this is available we will let parents know.

Use  Numbergym with your child to practise number bonds and times tables.

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