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Fundraising for Laptops

Thank you to those who have contributed so far.

We are raising funds to provide laptops for all of our families in school who really need them so that their children can access online learning activities. Without access to a laptop, the children will find it difficult to access their work and fall behind in their learning.

I recently requested that parents and carers contact school if their children were finding it difficult to access our online learning because of financial constraints. The allocation of laptops that we obtained from the Department of Education have now all been distributed but we still have a large number of parents who would benefit from additional technology to support their children at home and who have requested support.

It would be lovely if schools were readily able to provide such support, but of course budgets are stretched to their absolute limit!

We have therefore decided to begin a fundraising campaign to provide support to all those families in school who really need it. Our target of £4000 will ensure that we were able to purchase additional equipment such as laptops and iPads, ensuring that our current list of requests can be fulfilled.

If you would like to make a donation or see what our campaign looks like, please follow the following link to our fundraising page. If you work for a business, or have friends who do, and you feel they may support us, please alert them to our campaign or ask them to contact us. Any support will be gratefully received.

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