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Coronavirus Information

  • Here’s how we are working to keep our school as safe an environment as possible faced with the ongoing threat of Coronavirus.
  • Our drop off time is now a 15 minute window, beginning at 8:45 am
  • Children are dropped off and immediately enter their classrooms so that there is no time for mixing in the playground
  • Parents observe a one way system, entering the school grounds via Gordon Road and leaving through the Halifax Road gate. This reduces the amount of potential contact between people
  • A pick up system has been introduced to reduce contact. Crucially, it makes the link corridor one way, reducing its bottleneck effect
  • Teachers are keeping their classrooms as well ventilated as possible by opening windows and doors
  • Movement through corridors is minimised and has stricter controls
  • Playtimes and lunchbreaks have been staggered by phase due to limited play space
  • Handwashing is regular and its importance reinforced
  • Additional cleaning is being maintained
  • Staff are asked to undertake twice-weekly testing
  • Assemblies will be attended by fewer children and each one will be broadcast into the classrooms
  • If a pupil comes to school and is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, they will be sent home and the class informed
  • If a teacher is required to self-isolate, they will continue to teach from home with additional support being provided in the classroom

Our school risk assessment is being updated frequently to cover the current guidance and to ensure that we deal with any local issues that may arise (see below).


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