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Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Dear parents,

Children’s mental health charity “Place to Be” launched Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to highlight the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Seven years later, especially with the changes and challenges of the current times, we feel it is more important than ever that we take part as a school. 

From Monday 1st February – Friday 5th February, school staff have planned activities linked to this year’s theme which is “Express Yourself”. Expressing yourself is about finding different ways to share feelings, thoughts and ideas in creative ways. This could be through art, music, writing, poetry, photography or any other activity that makes you feel good. Being able to express yourself is not about putting on a performance for others or being the best at something, it is about finding a way to show who you really are and how you see the world through your unique view. Throughout Children’s Mental Health Week, we will be encouraging children to explore the different ways they express themselves and looking at creative ways to show feelings and express emotions.

At the end of the week on Friday 5th February we are going to be asking children and staff to join in with a “Dress to Express” day. Encourage your child to think of a way they can dress up to show who they really are and how they like to express themselves. For example they might express themselves through art so they might want to dress up as an artist for the day, they may enjoy using photography creatively so they could dress up as a photographer or they might simply wear something that symbolises their unique character. We want to encourage the children to be as creative with this day and with their outfit as they can!  If your child is in school that day, please send them in to school in their outfit instead of their school uniform and we will take photos of them. Ensure the outfit is comfortable to wear all day and warm enough for play outside! If your child is learning from home, please ask them to wear their outfit to their first “welcome” call of the day with the teacher so that everyone can see each other.  Your child’s class teacher will be asking you to take a photograph of your child in their outfit and will direct you as to where to send the photographs at the end of the week.

More information and some activities for parents can be found on the Children’s Mental Health Week website

Please see the link below for some great ideas in supporting your child with mental health

Thank you for your support

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