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Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Through our topic we will be developing the skills to:

  • Play in groups whilst sharing play ideas.
  • Initiate conversation during friendly play whilst forming good relationship with peers and adults.
  • Select and use activities and resources with ever decreasing support.
  • Be confident to talk to others and will communicate freely about own home.
  • Understand own actions can affect others.
Understanding the World

Through investigation and discussion we will begin to understand:

  • Lives of people who are familiar to us.
  • Recognise and describe special times or events .know some of the things that make us unique.
  • Comment and ask questions about aspects of our familiar world.
  • How and why things happen and work.
  • Know how to operate simple equipment.


Expressive Arts and Design

During this half term we will be:

  • Exploring and learning how sounds change.
  • Using lines to enclose space and begin to use these shapes to represent objects.
  • Making up rhythms.
  • Engaging in imaginative role-play based on own first-hand experiences.

We will be developing skills to enable us to:

  • Use number names, language in play.
  • Recite numbers in order.
  • Match numeral to numbers.
  • Compare two groups.
  • Have an interest in numerals and numbers in the environment.
  • Show an interest in shape.
Physical Development

This half term we will be focussing on our core muscles and fine and large motor skills needed to prepare for writing. This will be done during our “Finger gym” ‘Tiger teams’ and “disco dough” session.

During our topic we will also be focussing on:

  • Understanding equipment and tools have to be used safely
  • Managing personnel hygiene including washing and drying hands.
  • Observe the effects of activity on our bodies.
Communication and Language

Through our topic we will be developing the skills to:

  • Listen to others in small and large groups.
  • Follow and respond direction and instructions
  • Focus attention during directed and undirected learning.
  • Understand and ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.
  • Use a range of tenses during speech

We follow letter and sounds and this half term we will be focussing on phase one to enable us to develop:

  • An awareness of rhyme and alliteration
  • Recognition in rhyme in spoken words
  • An understanding of how a story is structured
  • How to handle and look at books with care and interest.
  • The understanding that print carries meaning and we read from left to right.
  • How to listen to stories with increasing attention.
  • The skill to ascribe meaning to the marks we make.
  • The skill to ascribe meaning to the marks they see in different places.
RE Topic God's World/Beginnings.
God's Family.

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