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Personal, Social, Emotional Development Personal Hygiene - Going to the toilet/washing hands.
Communication skills - discuss needs/feelings.
Classroom/School routines.
Acceptable behaviour - promoting independence.
Develop confidence and self respect.
Form relationships with adults and peers. Golden Rules.
Understanding the World

Families - Discussion, generations, position.
Mirror work - Looking at self.
Computer - Computer safety - using the mouse, click and drag.
Five senses.

Expressive Arts and Design

Printing - hand & apple printing
Cakes - collage for a birthday chart
Pastel - I go to school now

Soft Dough - making ourselves.
Music - Mr Cox
Signing nursery and action songs.
Introducing percussion instruments.
Drama/Dance - Lets move tape/moving different body parts.
Body collage - tracing around body - self portrait.

Mathematics Counting to 20.
Number stories and rhymes.
Recognition and formation of numbers 1-10.
1:1 correspondence.
Physical Development Awareness of space around themselves.
Following instructions.

Using outdoor climbing equipment safely, throwing and catching, balancing.

Using “funky fingers” and “disco dough” to develop the fine and gross motor skills needed for writing.

Communication and Language Talking - tell news.
Discuss experiences.
Listening skills.
Role play.
Story telling.

Reading - Jolly Phonic.s
Handling books.
Initial sounds formation
Cursive script.

Reading and writing own name.

RE Topic God's World/Beginnings.
God's Family.
Other Linked Areas Foundation stage profile.

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