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Anti-Bullying Week 2024

Anti-Bullying Week is a nationwide initiative that highlights the issue of bullying and encourages individuals to take action against it. It emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of respect and support, where bullying is not tolerated, and every person is valued. In 2024, it is set to take place from November 13th to November 17th, providing a dedicated time for us to focus on anti-bullying efforts. The anti-bullying week website can be reached here.

Anti- Bullying Week    -    15th-19th November 2021

We mark Anti-Bullying week each year. Here is a look back to some of 2021's activities. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities planned for them during Anti-Bullying week. Taking part in these activities really highlighted to them the theme of “One Kind Word” and how the words that they say to each other have a huge impact on people’s feelings.  

Children in Reception made friendship bracelets

Children in Year 1 made a “friendship chain” of kind words and linked the pieces together

They also had a “Friendship Afternoon Tea” together where they ate biscuits made for them

by a friend

Year 2 made a friendship tree filled with lots of kind words

Year 3 had a visit from PC Simon who spoke to them about bullying. They also made friendship bracelets to give to their friends

Year 4 created a display of kind words

Year 5 made posters to promote the use of kind words

Year 6 took over our school Twitter account and shared kind words highlighting the importance of using positive language online.


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