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Working Life Workshop - Year 6

Working Life Workshop at  Allen & Overy

Our children and staff  really enjoyed their experience of the Working Life workshop.  One of our Year 6 children wrote the following account:

On Wednesday 13th March some pupils from Year 6 went to Allen & Overy (a law firm in the City of London) for a work-life experience.

There were many different types of jobs such as lawyers, PAs, legal secretaries and many other jobs. At the work-life experience there were lots of places for staff to eat and there was a gym, therapists and doctors. The gym was there because some workers may not get the time to do the exercise they need to stay healthy. Another thing they had was a terrace for BBQs and sleep-pods downstairs in-case you had to work late!

We interviewed some of the workers at the company they told us their work salary and the PA said it was £30,000 per year.

We saw a lot of buildings including the Gherkin, Walkie-Talkie and the Cheese-grater. As we were going back we saw the tallest tower in Central London which was Salesforce Tower.

I enjoyed the experience and I have learned that you don’t have to go to university to do some jobs, you can do an apprenticeship instead.


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