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St George's Team at the IF3 sports competition at Lee Valley Leisure Centre

As reported by two children from 4W

On Friday 5 October. a group of eight children along with two adults all went to Lee Valley Athletics Centre for an fitness event. We had to use two different cars to get there, and during the journey, we felt excited and nervous. Once we arrived, we chose our seats and just stared down into the magnificent athletic stadium.  While waiting for our turn we watched exhausted athletes jogging around the stadium.  By now, it was time for our first activity.  This was a squat relay.  We were split into two teams of four, our aim was to run up and down doing squats in the courts.  Our second activity was naming the flags, one of our team was really good at this and named all the flags correctly.  Next, after a break for lunch and some yummy food, we had our final activity, which was a step-up activity.  We had to step-up onto boxes that were quite high but which we all managed quite well.  After that, we had our photograph taken by the board.  Finally, we all went home happy, but exhausted.

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