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Chess Tournament at Lavender Primary School

St George's won 3rd place in the tournament

On Thursday the 14th of June 2018, Jewel, Alexander, Marijus and Rowan went to a chess tournament at Lavender Primary school. When we arrived, we played a few practice matches with other schools and then the International Master, Michael Basman, explained what would happen throughout the tournament. After a while, we went to table E where we played a few matches against Prince of Wales School. If you won the match you would earn three points. If you drew the match you would earn two points. If you lost a match you would earn one point. Marijus won his match; Jewel won her match; Rowan won his match but Alex lost his match. If there was any time left we could either play a bonus match for a bonus point if you won; or you could play a game called suicide chess which Jewel will explain: the aim of suicide chess is the person with no pieces left will win. Afterwards, we played against Brimsdown School, Marijus won his match and his bonus match, Jewel won her match and bonus match, Rowan won his match as well as Alex who also won his extra match, since we were now at the bottom of the table, so the challenge was great. Then it was break time where we had twenty minutes to play. After break was over we had to go back inside to play against Churchill School. Jewel and Marijus lost their match but won bonus points, while Alex and Rowan won their match. Next we played St Andrew's School, who were tough but Marijus and Alex won while Jewel and Rowan unfortunately lost. Then it was lunchtime. Next we played Honilands School. We won every match including bonus rounds and we flew up to second place! So we were very determined to beat Worcester so we could win the tournament. Jewel, Alex and Rowan won our matches but Marijus sadly lost because of time. This revealed the final score- St George’s Catholic Primary School was in at third place with 62 points, while St Andrew’s CE Primary School was in at second place with 64 points and Prince of Wales School won the tournament with 67 points. As third place, we received a chess rubber, a chess coaster, a 100 killer moves book, a chess café notebook and a certificate. We all enjoyed it very much - it was lots of fun.

By Jewel & Rowan (6A), Alex (6S) and Marijus (6R)

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