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Preparation for Working Life

This event was organised through our work with The Enfield Town Partnership.

On Thursday 22nd March 2018  a group of children from Year 6 spent the day at Ashurst, a corporate law firm in Liverpool Street. After a short journey from Enfield Town we came into a grand building to learn about how we can prepare for working life and the skills we need to develop if we would like to work in the City when we are older.

First we had to complete an electronic questionnaire and talk to the group about our ambitions for the future. We had to talk about our dream job and our back up plan if our dream job doesn't work out. Then we had to work in groups to prepare a presentation about a new invention. We had to think about the key features of our product and come up with a brand name and a slogan. The winning presentation was really well organised and the group even made up a catchy song to advertise their product!

After a break for a delicious lunch we played a game where we had to match different jobs and key roles to different sectors of the City such as finance and corporate law. After this we developed our interview techniques and learnt about the importance of making good eye contact and shaking someone's hand properly with a professional handshake  when you meet them for the first time. Next we had to put these techniques into practice! We had to interview employees from Ashurst and we learnt about their different roles in the company and about their working life.  They said they were very impressed with our questions and our professional handshakes!

It was a really amazing experience and it gave us an insight into jobs in the City. We developed our confidence and learnt how to give presentations in front of other people.

By Cecelia, Neve, Shaniya, Finian, Jamie, Ben, Carvell and Gideon 6M.


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