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Science Day at St.George's 2021

A fun day of learning for all year groups!

On Wednesday 5th May we celebrated science day and what an exciting day it was! The focus of our day was “Innovating for the future” and the children did a range of activities centred on this theme.  Throughout the day, children worked on their working scientifically skills alongside teamwork and discussion skills. Lots of amazing learning occurred throughout the school: 

  • Reception built biscuit and chocolate structures
  • Year 1 used different liquids to free plastic animals from frozen blocks
  • Year 2 made practical, hands on bar charts recording temperature
  • Year 3 built a gut microbiome and built bridge structures using newspaper
  • Year 4 made marshmallow and pasta structures
  • Year 5 built aeroplanes and boats using everyday materials 
  • Year 6 learnt about the structure of the eye and created colour wheels 

What do you think of our activities? We hope our pictures will show what fun we had with our learning on our special Science Day.  (Check the Gallery to see the pictures if using our app)


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