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Anti-idling event

St.George's children promote cleaner air

On Monday 3rd February 2020 Natalie from the Borough came into school to inform us about an anti-idling campaign.

She taught us all about idling. Idling is when someone is hanging around while also leaving their engine on whilst waiting in the car. In the morning we had an important assembly all about pollution and how we can prevent it from happening.

Pollution is caused by cars, trains, industries, and chimneys from people’s houses, forest fires and many more.

Year six classes took part in a workshop with Natalie. Our task was to create a poster, our posters will be printed onto a banner to be displayed on the school gates to promote anti-idling.

The Junior Travel Ambassadors and the digital prefects went out after school to try and stop people from leaving their engines on and they did a very good job at prompting anti-idling.

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