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Video Parent Consultations' Feedback Form

This form is to learn more about how the video software worked for parents at home and not asking about the specifics of the meeting with your teacher about your child.

We will only use this information to help us improve things in the future for all parents, as it will form part of the advice we provide.

1. Did you make a booking for a video consultation using*
2. Could you login to your meeting?*
3. Were you able to hear the teacher?*
4. Were you able to see the teacher on screen?*

If your meeting was successful, can we ask a few questions about the device you used at home?

What device did you use? Was it one of the recommended device/browser combinations listed? Please select the device and browser you used from the list below.

Apple iPhone/iPad ( iOS 11 ):
Android phone/tablet with :
Linux computer:
Microsoft Surface:
Mac computer:
Windows computer:
If you don't know what device or browser you used, please click here:

If you encountered any problems accessing the meeting.

Did you login to the parent booking system 15minutes prior to your meeting?
Did you login to the booking system with the same parent email used to make the booking?
Did the ‘Join Video Appointment’ button appear on the screen ?

Thank you for your feedback.

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