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Staff Risk Assessment Consultation

Dear colleague,

You were recently sent a comprehensive draft risk assessment for your information. After you have read the document thoroughly, please respond with suggestions or concerns in the text box below. The comments will be collated and read by Mrs McCann, Mrs Burke and myself. The facility will be available from Wednesday 3 June at 4pm until the deadline for responses at noon on Friday 5 June. The risk assessment will then be reviewed and amended accordingly, before being forwarded to the school governors for their scrutiny and approval.

Before entering your text, please clearly state the page number, column and paragraph of the risk assessment that your comment refers to.

On Tuesday next week we plan to hold a staff meeting and further information will be provided for you in advance. You should all have the opportunity to participate virtually using Microsoft Teams.
I look forward to receiving your responses and working together to gradually and safely reopen the school for our pupils.

Thank you for completing the form.

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