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Year 3 - Summer


Summer 1: Number and Place Value (Number lines, partitioning 3-dgit numbers and problem solving). Addition and subtraction (adding and subtracting mentally, column addition, column subtraction and word problems). Properties of shape (horizontal and vertical lines, perpendicular and parallel lines, describing 3-D shapes and word problems). Multiplication and division (multiplication using partitioning, multiplication using the grid method and the expanded written method). Fractions (investigating fractions, fraction problems, equivalent fraction and working with tenths). Measurement (Fractions of 1 litre, millilitres more or less than 1 litre, adding and subtracting capacities).

Summer 2: Number – Addition and subtraction including Measurement and money (estimating and checking using column addition, addition target questions, adding and subtracting money and word problems). Addition and subtraction (estimating and checking using column subtraction, subtraction target questions, mental addition and subtraction). Measurement Time (reading and writing time, using seconds, minutes and hours to estimate, compare and measure time, using a calendar and word problems). Number multiplication and division (Multiplication using the expanded written method, multiplication using the formal method and solving word problems). Number multiplication and division (division using partitioning, division using the expanded written method and the formal written method and solving word problems). Statistics (pictograms, bar charts and word problems)


Summer 1: Report writing, Play scripts, Poetry and Traditional stories, Book reviews, Adverbial phrases, Fronted adverbials, Tenses (present and past), Language features in poetry, Handwriting, Grammar, Determiners and Improving and editing text.

Summer 2: Fictional writing, Non – Fiction writing (focus on Ireland), Film unit, Adventure and mystery, Story writing, Book reviews, Nouns, Using adjectives and similes in writing, Handwriting, Grammar, Direct speech, Using conjunctions, Pronouns Prepositions, Story planning.


Summer 1: Plants (continued): The importance of leaves, Planning investigations, Similarities and differences between different roots, Main stages of a flowering plant’s life cycle, Scientific enquiry type (grouping and classifying), Identify and compare the parts of flowers and describe their functions and Demonstrate understanding of seed dispersal methods by designing a seed.

Summer 2: Light (Explore how we need light to see things and why some things are easier to see than others, Explain how a mirror works and describe how images in mirrors may look ‘different’, Identify how shadows are formed Scientific enquiry type: Noticing patterns, Identify what affects the shape of a shadow, Investigate how to change the size of a shadow and Identify materials that are good at protecting eyes from strong sunlight).

Design and Technology

Design and make a Celtic shield.


Summer 1: History – Stone Age to the Celts: An introduction to the Bronze Age, Bronze Age Trade, Bronze Age Homes, The Iron Age and Celt Warriors.

Summer 2: Geography – Volcanoes: Locate the plates of the earth and learn about the inside of the earth, Tectonic Plates – How they fit together and how they move, Case study volcanic eruption, Earthquakes (causes and consequences).


Summer 1: We are communicators

Summer 2: We are opinion pollsters


Singing- extending repertoire of songs including song about London and holiday destinations e.g. France. Develop own compositions.  Learn about music of Jacques Offenbach and Camille Saint-Saens.  Continue developing notation reading using their class recorders.

Art and Design

Summer 1: Colour skills, St Georges Day, Investigating patterns,

Summer 2: Design and make a Celtic Shield.

P.E. & Games

Summer 1: Body control with simple sequences and Stretching and Curling.

Summer 2: Ability to play Athletics, Playing team games and striking and fielding.


Summer 1: Celebrating Easter and Pentecost: Celebrating new life, Celebrating Easter, Jesus is Risen, Jesus appears to the Apostles, The Ascension, Celebrating Pentecost and The Fruits of the Spirit.

Summer 2:  Being a Christian: The challenge, Loving my neighbour, St. Paul, Meeting Jesus, Using gifts to help others and prayer.


Food, sport, weather.


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